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CrossLoop: free computer link up software & technical support.

CrossLoop is a company who provide free computer link up software.  The sort of thing you experience when you get technical help and they want to connect to your computer and interact with it.  This software can be run by different individuals and it enables you to get technical help from your friends and colleagues remotely.

On the back of the CrossLoop service they also provide a helper service where you can seek the appropriate expert help for a fee.  You can also apply to join as a helper if you live in the USA.  As a helper you can then help others with your particular expertise and get financial remuneration for your efforts.

Then they also provide a selection of services to help you with technical issues with your PC.  You can get help with your Mac and your Windows machine.  They can help with file transfers and creating and removing partitions from your discs.  They offer help with scanning and cleaning your computer and with anti-virus software and generally keeping your computer free of spyware and other nuisance software.  They offer help with upgrading to Windows 7 and with installing and operating Windows XP, Widows Vista and probably every version of Windows out there.

You can download their CrossLoop software for free and if you need any technical help they are worth asking.  You can visit their web site by clicking this link --> CrossLoopCrossLoop text link or click on one of the banners.

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World    Available all around the world.

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