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Seriously easy protection and monitoring.

ContentWatch is an innovative company focused on delivering Internet protection solutions for the consumer, library, education, government, and business markets.

They began life in 2000 and since then have provided top-rated, Internet Protection tools specifically designed for the non-technical user. Their product lineup includes ContentProtect Security Appliance, ContentProtect Professional Suite, Net Nanny Home Suite, ContentCleanup, Net Nanny, Net Nanny Mobile and ContentProtect Professional. Combined they provide some of the more reliable and comprehensive Internet Protection solutions available today. They say "When you want to be'll choose ContentWatch products."

They also list some of the main issues: ContentWatch pioneered and has been advancing the company's core dynamic filtering technology since 2001. ContentWatch is easy to use by even non-technical business owners and home users. ContentWatch is the practical and cost effective solution that makes it the only truly viable choice for small organizations. ContentWatch is at the forefront of Internet protection tool suites, and intends to lead out as a primary resource for necessary new features as new threats occur. Beyond the home and consumer market, ContentWatch is leading out in addressing the Internet liability, risk and productivity concerns of small businesses-a market segment that has traditionally not been well addressed. ContentWatch has established itself in the consumer market while preparing the full set of solutions that could best meet the needs of small businesses, libraries, government and education. That strategy has succeeded, and the company is now in position to roll out its resulting offerings in a very aggressive fashion to each of these new, currently primarily unaddressed market segments worldwide. Ultimately, the company's vision will be to protect all forms of electronic media from unwanted content, including cell phones, handheld devices, game stations, all types of personal computers, and even tv's.

ContentWatch has pioneered and advanced the dynamic filtering technology that allows it to be the best provider in terms of speed and effectiveness as well as the most comprehensive solution for addressing the myriad of issues that surround unwanted Internet content and inappropriate use. ContentWatch has also been accepted as a Microsoft Certified Partner, having demonstrated a high degree of competence and expertise with programming for Microsoft operating systems and software.

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