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Unfortunately the affiliate program with Concern Gifts closed some time prior to 19 September 2010.  You might find what you want at GlobalGiving or Practical Presents otherwise try the List of Charities page.
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A Concern Gift is an ideal present for someone who would rather help the poor than get another pair of socks themselves.

Buying a Concern Gift is a good way to make a charitable donation to help in the fight against poverty fun and to raise awareness of the good that gets done all around the world.  It is not an excuse to avoid getting that desperately needed Nintendo DS or the latest fashion accessory but it can be a thoughtful addition to such things.

Buying a Concern Gift is a direct contribution to one of Concern Worldwide's four global programmes (unless otherwise stated) - education, livelihoods, health and emergency.  What happens is that you choose a gift and buy it.  You then get a card (or and e-card if you choose) with a picture of the gift and some more information about it which you can then personalise and send or give to the person of your choice.

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Here are some of the gifts they have supplied:
Piglet • Water Filter • Essential Drugs • Six Chickens • Pineapple Plants • Plumpynut • Take away meals! • Fuel Efficient Stove • School Supplies • Goat • Vegetable Pack • Donkey • HIV Test and Counselling • Mobile Phone and Solar Charger • Emergency Food • Bakery • Teacher training • Water Pump • Birth Attendant Training • Skills training • Buffalo • Village Irrigation Scheme

More about Concern Worldwide...

In Dublin's fair city where the girls are so pretty... so goes the famous song about Dublin and sweet Molly Malone or the "tart with the cart" as she is sometimes affectionately called by locals.  It was in this city in an area called Ballsbridge just south of the docks where Concern Africa, as it was first called, was born.  On 19 March 1968 John and Kay O’Loughlin Kennedy, with a number of other committed people, formed Concern Africa in response to the Biafran crisis.  They launched an appeal called SOS (Send One Ship) in June 1968 to get a 600 tonne ship full of food and medical supplies to the famine struck area.

Since then the organisation, now called Concern Worldwide, has gone from strength to strength supplying charitable help for disasters and emergencies.  They have also developed a lot of long term assistance to people in many of the world’s poorest countries, helping them achieve major and long-lasting improvements in their lives.  They work to improve people's lives and livelihoods in areas affected by famine, disasters, poverty, HIV, and other causes of deprivation.

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