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Founded in 2005, Commodore Gaming is reviving the Commodore brand with a range of mobile, PC and video game products.

The Commodore Gaming line-up consists of the Commodore G, GS, GX and XX.  These machines feature the highest hand built quality and most powerful components, fine tuned and configured to run today's most demanding PC games without breaking into a sweat thanks to their ICE Cube cooling system, ensuring continuous maximum performance.  The exclusive C-kin process means the Commodore PCs can be personalized inside and out, effectively making them an open and inviting canvas for graphic artists, painters, fans, publishers and photographers worldwide to customize to fit preference and taste.  Their great relationship with the PC industry leaders ensures that they are first to offer you the latest high performance components, at the best prices.

What the professionals say about them:
25-07-2007 --> Personal Computer World
"Gaming giant rises from the ashes to produce the fastest machine we've ever seen"

01-11-2007 --> PC Pro
"Commodore returns in style with a monster gaming PC."

01-09-2008 --> PC Gamer
"A giant not just in size but in power"

01-04-2009 --> PCG Zine
Commodore XX- "The benchmarks speak for themselves; there's not much that'll phase this machine"

So if you are seriously into gaming or simply incredibly high spec then visit there web site by clicking this link --> Commodore Gaming or click on one of the banners.


UK Flag    The World    They do business in the UK & all over the world.

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