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Car Gap Insurance

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The best price car gap insurance available from Future45.

Gap insurance is a way of protecting the devaluation of your car in case of total loss.  What happens is that you insure the current value of your car so that if in two years time it is stolen, burned, wrecked or otherwise destroyed then your normal insurance will pay the current value of your car and the Gap Insurance will make up the devaluation.  It takes the compensation of insurance to another level. are part of the Future45 Ltd group of companies which also includes and  They are specialists in the niche car insurance market offering both Gap Insurance and Used Car Warranties online through their dedicated websites.  They are specifically NOT brokers.  They are partners with Red Sands Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd. who are UK specialists in motor related insurance.  They have basically designed policies for online buyers who want quality, value, protection and service.  They provide this service without the traditional broker or motor dealer middlemen who have typically only provided these facilities at new and inevitably charged a service fee.  Their products are therefore competitively priced and well tailored for various requirements.  Their insurance products are unique and designed with a focus on consumer needs and provide a wide choice with the most comprehensive cover.  All this is available on their well designed, easy to use, no nonsense web sites.

Car Gap Insurance small banner
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