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Unfortunately the affiliate program with The Blue Cross closed on 20 May 2010.  You might find what you want at the WSPA or the RSPB or check out the List of Charities page.

The Blue Cross

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The Blue Cross is a UK charity that saves stray and abandoned pets and horses from almost certain death.

Unfortunately there are a lot of humans who for one reason or another cannot afford to keep their pets or simply don't want them and abandon them and some pets are accidentally lost.  The Blue Cross save as many as they can.  As well as this important task they also do a lot of work promoting the health and welfare of domestic animals and horses by assisting with veterinary care and with education programs highlighting the benefits of pets and the value and importance of respect and responsibility towards animal.

The Blue Cross were started in 1897 and were originally called "Our Dumb Friends' League".  In 1958 they were renamed as Blue Cross and now have 11 animal adoption centres across the UK.  They are specialists in finding suitable and loving homes for the animals in their care.  Over the past year (2008) they have significantly reduced the number of adopted pets returned to them which bears witness to the success of their devoted and expert teams.

In 2008 they found homes for over 6000 homeless animals.  They name Grace, Genie, Hugo and Blossom as four very cute kittens who they saved from almost certain death in 2008 and feature photos of them on their web site.

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