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The affiliate program with Best Buy sadly closed some time prior to 24 Apr 2012.  You might want to take a look at Dabs or OYYY as possible alternatives or you can check out the Computer Stuff page for other similar merchants.

Best Buy Link Gone
Best buy is the number one speciality consumer electronics retailer in the world.  Nine brands and 150,000 employees.  They are a collection of Best Buy, Five Star, FutureShop, Geek Squad, Magnolia, Napster, Pacific Sales, Speakeasy and Carphone Warehouse!

Best Buy was started as a stereo retailer called Sound of Music in 1966 by Dick Schultz. In 1981 a tornado destroyed their most profitable store and this led to a total re-branding and renaming of the company. It became "Best Buy". A sale of the goods from the wrecked store became an annual "Tornado Sale" which evolved into their superstore "Big Box" concept which basically laid everything out on shelves in a warehouse-like setting. This reduced costs for the consumer and became very popular. On account of this they expanded at a ridiculous rate and as a a result they ran into financial difficulties around 1996. Once again a re-think was called for. They developed what they call a Standard Operating Platform. This standardisation allowed them to become profitable again and to perfect the most cost efficient and satisfactory way of selling consumer electronics to people.

That is essentially the potted history of Best Buy.  They sell so much stuff that it would be ridiculous to begin to list it but main categories include: Television & video • Audio Equipment • Car & GPS • Cameras & Camcorders • Computers • Cell Phone & Office • Music, Movies & Books • Games & Toys • Home Appliances.

They are probably worth a browse and you can visit their site by clicking this link --> Best Buy or one of the banners.
Best Buy Link Gone
US Flag    They ship only within the US.

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