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Unfortunately the affiliate relationship with Avanquest USA was terminated on 18 February 2010.  You can check out the Computer Stuff page for other similar merchants.
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If you are wondering where you can find good software then Avanquest is one place to look.  Avanquest Software is a global software developer offering titles such as WebEasy Professional, SystemSuite, Fix-it Utilities, Hallmark Card Studio and PowerDesk.  They have over 200 software titles in a variety of software categories like PC Security and Diagnostics, Anti Virus/Anti Spyware, Small Business Productivity, Mobility, Web Authoring/Design, Education, Reference, Digital Media and much more!.

Avanquest was created by Bruno Vanryb and Roger Politis in 1984 (It was originally called BVRP) and the name is derived from "Avant" and "Quest" symbolizing their constant quest for innovation and excellence.

Their software can help you protect & optimise your PC, back up photos & restore files, create a website or make your own greeting cards, learn a new language, create a family tree or edit, convert or create PDFs.

avanquest uk link gone

US Flag    They do business in the US & other countries.

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