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the aspinall foundation

Unfortunately the affiliate program with The Aspinal Foundation closed on 29 October 2009.  You can try WSPA as an alternative or check out the List of Charities page.
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The Aspinall Foundation owns two zoos and works hard to protect and conserve some of the seriously endangered species on planet Earth.

The gorillas and the tigers and the elephants are dying out.  They are all endangered species as are rhinos and monkeys and lions and giraffes.  And the list goes on.  We are obliged to do what we can to save these animals from extinction and the Aspinall Foundation is one organisation doing as much as they can to this end.  The Aspinall Foundation are devoted to saving rare and endangered animals and returning them to protected areas in the wild.  They are a charity which works to promote wildlife conservation.  They were set up in 1984 by the professional gambler and zoo owner John Aspinall and they run two zoos in Kent.  One is the Port Lympne Zoo and the other is the Howletts Wild Animal Park.  They also support a number of conservation projects to protect endangered species and campaign on a range of wildlife issues like opposing the Chinese in their attempt to relax the rules for trade in products made from tigers.  Their zoos have an impressive record in the breeding of rare and endangered animals and they are currently home to 14 Indian, Siberian and Sumatran tigers.  The Foundation also set up a project for Gorillas orphaned by bush meat poachers in the Republic of Congo and they set up an orphan gorilla project in the neighbouring state of Gabon. 

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