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Animal Friends Insurance

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An insurance company who give their profit to animal charities!

If you want to insure your pet and help animal charities world wide as well then take a look at Animal Friends Insurance.  They are specialist UK pet insurers with a difference!  They are a not-for-profit company and they give all their net profit to help animal charities around the world.

They have a lot of experience in the pet insurance business and have a wide range of pet insurance policies to suit all pockets and needs.  These include full lifetime options offering some of the most comprehensive cover in the UK.  Because they are dedicated to animal charities their rates are seriously competitive and they insure pets at any age.  They are keen about their business and maintain good public relations by doing everything in house including claims.

Animal Friends Insurance are an ethical company because their focus is on animal welfare and not on fat profits for the bosses.  Insuring your pet is a wise move because vets bills can be horribly huge especially if your pet becomes ill or injured.  You can feel relaxed that your pet will get the best care and treatment whilst knowing that if you don't have to make a claim that other animal charities are benefiting and if you do have to make a claim then your pet is benefiting.  It seems like a good deal all round.

Animal Friends Insurance big banner
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