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We cancelled the account with LinkShare on 8 August 2013 due to a lack of activity.  This page is left here for historical purposes.


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best selling / rare / new / used - books, music and film

Alibris are the world's largest independently owned and operated marketplace for books music and films on the internet.

They have well over 100 million books available from booksellers and individuals all over the world.  They have new and used books.  They have best sellers and hard to find rare books including valuable signed copies.  You can find many out of print books available on Alibris as well as foreign language versions and first editions.  They also have a vast selection of music and films including chart topping CDs and collectible records.

Alibris started life in 1998 and have continued to support thousands of independent sellers supplying millions of customers with a fantastic selection of competitively priced books music and films.  So if you are looking for something interesting, exciting, sentimental or educational check out Alibris and the chances are you will find real satisfaction.

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