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Unfortunately the affiliate program with ActionAid closed prior to 28 April 2012.  You may find other pages of interest on the List of Charities page.
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ActionAid is a registered charity in the UK.

Their work and objective is all about reducing poverty in the world.

They don't just tackle the effects of poverty they also change what keeps people poor. They improve people’s lives every day but they know that’s not enough. They work relentlessly to change whatever is keeping people trapped in poverty to have a better chance of ending poverty for good.

Their web site is very clear and useable and they have lots of ideas about how you can help. Toxic Drums helps by promoting them. If you are concerned about poverty in the world take a look at ActionAid because they are innovative, friendly and effective. Visit their site by clicking here ---> act!onaid

One of their initiatives is Child Sponsorship. This initiative creates a revenue stream to assist the community where the child lives. You get to have regular updates and communication about the community and the individual you sponsor. It makes a real difference to real people. It is one way to help people break free from the shackles of poverty and to realise their own destiny as creative and productive people. This scheme helps real individuals, real communities, and in the long run it reduces the entrapment of poverty in the world. To find out more visit their web site by clicking one of the adverts.

ActionAid link gone

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