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Action Medical Research was born in 1949 when Janet Guthrie was diagnosed with polio and her father, Duncan Guthrie, decided to do something about the lack of knowledge surrounding the crippling disease.  Research funded by the charity resulted in the now common place sugar cube polio vaccine.  Initially the charity was called The National Fund for Poliomyelitis Research.  It has gone through a number of name changes resulting in the more memorable and accessible name it has today: Action Medical Research.

The charity is dedicated to improving the health of babies and children.

Paddington Bear is the charity’s official mascot.
Other slightly less famous supporters of the charity include: Davina McCall, Fiona Bruce, Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet, & Zoe Ball.

Their current focus & thrust is in three key areas:
     1. giving babies a better start
     2. stopping suffering in children
     3. improving health for all

Their successes over the years include advances in Epilepsy, Von Hippel-Lindau disease, Paediatric Pain, the Matrix Support, the palm sized Fetal Heart Monitor, Polio vaccine, Ultrasound in pregnancy, Meningitis vaccine, Communication aids, Growing prostheses for children, Hip replacements, Finding faulty genes, Improving survival from liver disease, Finding a gene for cleft lip and palate, Rubella vaccine, Repairing skull damage, Folic acid and spina bifida, Brain scanner for babies, & Preventing infection after surgery.

They organise all sorts of fund raising events including the famous London to Paris cycle ride and they have lots of ways you can get involved.  So if helping advance medical knowledge and significant benefits in the health of children appeals to you then take a look around their web site.  You can visit it by clicking this link --> Action Medical Research or by clicking on one of the banners.


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