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Abe's of Maine

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Cameras and electronics + a whole lot more!

Abe's began life in 1979 and the three brother's soon acquired a reputation for reliability and knowledge. The business grew over the years and they still have a good reputation for customer care, quality and price. They have moved a couple of times and are now based at 5 Fernwood Avenue in Edison, New Jersey. Along their journey they gained the nickname "Abe's of Maine" and it stuck.

Abe's of Maine supply a huge range of goods which can be summed up as cameras and electronics. They are specialists in this area but have expanded their range to include numerous items from knife sets to refrigerators. They remain specialists in audio visual, sound, electronics, photography and related areas and their commitment is positively tangible.

They supply digital cameras, memory cards, digital frames, card readers, AC adapters and chargers, accessory bonus kits, lenses, photo printers, light meters, photo vests, SLR cameras, flash units, batteries, camera bags, extended warrantees, eyecups, filters, hoods, lens cleaning materials, tripods, underwater cameras, camcorders, voip, video microphones, head cleaning sets, VCRs scalers, boom poles, video tape, flat panel televisions, 3D glasses, projection televisions, wall mounts, TV antennas, streaming devices, video editing hardware, scan converters, amplifiers, CD players, cassette decks, computer based DVR, headphones, outdoor speakers, and more...

They have an easy to use web site with detailed specifications and reviews. They offer hundreds of coupons and rebates and a fast order processing service. They charge no sales tax if they deliver outside of New Jersey and they offer preferential payment options. They are knowledgeable and friendly and offer a 30 day money back guarantee. What more could you want?

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US Flag    The World    Based in New Jersey they will deliver across the US and the rest of the world.

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