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Back in 2002 a man in a dark coat sat in the corner of a pub in Blackburn, Lancashire reminiscing with an acquaintance about the demise of the old fashioned sweets they knew and loved from their childhood.  A seed of an idea was germinating in this man's mind and he nurtured it and it soon developed into a plan.  He would start a company with the sole intention of supplying retro sweets to the population of England and the rest of the world.

The man was Michael J Parker and on 27th February 2003 "A Quarter Of Ltd" was formed.  The world was a better place and he worked hard to locate and procure sweets from as many retro sweet manufacturers as he possibly could.  He even helped campaigned to get Cadbury's to re-launch the Wispa and Nestle to re-launch the Texan Bar.

Old fashioned confectionary like Rowntree's Fruit Gums, Mars Bars, Aniseed Balls, Spangles, Kit Kats, Fry's Chocolate Cream (first sold in 1866!), Flying Saucers, Shrimps, Polos and Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate are part of the fabric of people's lives.  Not surprising then that they are often bought by adults to bring happy memories flooding back as they indulge in their childhood delights.

Many retro sweets are still available and if you are trying to locate something special then visit A Quarter Of and do a search.  If they are still available the chances are A Quarter Of has them in stock.  You can also join their mailing list to be kept informed of current products being discontinued (so you can buy a stash before they go) or the occasional re-launch of good old fashioned favourites.

As for Michael J Parker's plan to provide retro sweets to England and the whole world he almost got there.  A Quarter Of can send stuff to THE WHOLE WORLD except the USA and Canada because of some insurance problem.  So he succeeded with the rest of the world and folk in the USA have their own retro candy specialists to console them so it's not too bad.  Oh... and I made the bit up about the dark coat!

Here is a list of some of the sweets they sell:
UK Flag    World Flag    Based in the UK they send to any country (except the USA and Canada for insurance reasons)

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