Toxic drums is a way of life.

A way of life for me, Sam Spruce, in a commercially driven culture.

I need money to live so that I can do something really creative and useful. Now as it happens I know quite a lot about many things. And a very significant thing is the changing circumstances on this planet (Earth as I write).

So I am dedicated to covering all sorts of interesting subjects in an attempt to bring together a soup, or perhaps a cauldron, of interconnected, juxtaposed, unrelated and often seemingly irrelevant ideas and information. A kind of "think tank".

We all have a unique experience and we all bring together a set of ideas and creative solutions. I will run this web site as a pool of serendipitous encounters and cross fertilisation of ideas which is unique to me and will add to other individuals' knowledge and considerations.

I will attempt to use any sensible, acceptable and good method possible to get income from this site so that I can live and continue to develop this web site. One mechanism is affiliate marketing and that is my starting point. So if you visit this site and you like it please use any of the links and adverts if they are of interest to you because it will all help keep up the momentum.

Some pertinent issues:

If humanity is going to survive happily in this universe it must be incredibly creative and inventive. I believe this is possible because I have seen what phenomenal things humans can do.

To do that successfully it is necessary for them to be healthy to the core. What I see is that the mechanisms of cultural survival are all too often at the expense of the host. (That is the people in the culture.) In short humans must attend to their own well being so that they are in the best condition to be as creative as they are designed to be. Research into all forms of therapeutic activity for humans is vital. Psychology, religion, counselling et al, all need careful examination and evolution. Humans must learn more about their physical design and how to maximise their potential. Sport, diet, food production and more, all need examining and advancing. Then, with these highly tuned physical forms humanity must investigate, examine, discover, invent and create new ways of interacting in the universe to maintain and push forward their own survival and the survival of a conducive and harmonious environment. In short they must work to create a better world.

I will continue to develop this site and to provide more information about the aims and objectives but this is a site in evolution and it will continue to grow and change.

Please feel free to send me money if you approve :o)

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