The Ombudsman replies apparently missing the point that the Children Services are refusing to address the complaint.
The attempt at a Stage 1 Complaint against the Children's Services was a fiasco of colossal proportions.
The 64 page Stage 2 complaint to the Children Services. This document was rescued from the incompetent hands of the complaints officer.
The first draft of the Stage 2 Investigation document reveals an abusive predatory mindset by the malevolent authoritarian and officious Children Services.
Children Services complaint Stage2: Independent Person's report on the process of the investigation.
Children Services Complaints department Stage 2 Independent Investigation Report. This report is a charade and a continuation of the abuse that the Children Services are perpetrating on the family.
Response to the Children Services Independent Investigation Report into his complaint. This response makes it clear that the report was unacceptable.
The transition from the fake Initial Assessment to the farce of the Core Assessment.
The cascade of abuse that was the Children Services Complaints Procedure continued. A Stage 2 Investigation was initiated, a meeting was held and a complaint document produced.
Helen was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis.
Search for Child Terrorists in British Schools.
Places to buy chocolate, sweets, candy, lolly, goodies and lots of confectionary including nuts online.
"We participate in a Civil Debt Recovery scheme": What does it mean?
Coincidence 1: Randomly finding a website with a complimentary mention of Toxic Drums on the front page.
Places to buy computer stuff are here on Toxic Drums to help you find things you want.
A possible explanation for the remarkable coincidence of the military exercise which occurred on the same day as the World Trade Center attacks.
Toxic Drums: Contact details.
Copyscape allows you to look for copies of your web pages on the internet.
Which is more expensive: Bread or Houses?
Mental Health Problems are at epidemic levels but it is the culture that is really cracking up.
Daphne Fairfax: Founder of the Daphne Fairfax School of Elocution and Modern Dance in Skegness.
Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures. Dave Godin was famous for coining the term Northern Soul.
Reviews of "Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Taken from the Vaults". The collection is regarded as a definitive collection of the very best of soul music.
The Death Toll Counter gives a different perspective to understand the figures involved in the death and destruction of war.
Dell Computers. A Green and efficient computer supplier.
Do Aliens Wear Ties?
The Double bind is a self tightening mind knot initiated by parents and teachers in a warped society.
Doubling Simulator: A free piece of software to show the effects of the doubling system in roulette which is also known as the martingale system.
A clear explanation of the roulette doubling method with graphs and free software to simulate the doubling system.
Dragon Naturally Speaking: speech recognition software.
Drums Drums Drums
Echoes is a short story and something of a psychodrama. Is it multiple personality, a dream, schizophrenia or simply criminal?
Economic Wargames: How the economic model is unsustainable and enslaving.
Encouraging creativity in children.
Is state education being used to control the population for the benefit of the elite. Based on the Prussian model of education it is designed to make people conform and to limit their creativity and imagination.
Egils Straume: Techno/Funk/Jazz musician from Latvia.
Egils Straume, a Latvian jazz musician, has produced many compositions and recordings. Here are some including Blue Moon, The Egils Straume Trio Live in Euroconcert, Piano Duo Nora and Raffi and In Memoriam Andris Slapins.
Egyptian uprising is in part due to the internet and web sites like WikiLeaks.
Random voting has more benefits than you would think in a general election.
Toxic Drums FAQ: Where you can get answers to all those questions you didn't think of asking!
Fish! 5908 different fish names appear on this page!
Fish get used in various ways and here are some examples of the use of fish that are different.
Tesco's fishy price of fish! Another amazing offer you can refuse from Tesco.
FLEISCH are a band based in Oxford in the UK and consist of Blunsdon, Rosie Lund and James Evans. Their music is powerful and rhythmical, dark and a little haunting.
For God's sake lets get real.
Cultural abuse is fractal in nature.
Description of the image called Ebbing Tide by Sam Spruce with details.
Fukushima Blues: A detailed description and explanation of the work by Sam Spruce.
Toxic Drums Art Gallery is the collection of art produced by Sam Spruce for Toxic Drums
Detailed description and illustrations of the work entitled Lava.
This page is a dedicated explanation and description of the work Molten Mortuary by Sam Spruce.
Mosaic Mandala is a work of art by Sam Spruce made in 2011 and is displayed here in detail.
Detailed description of the art work 'Stone Flow' explaining how it was made and revealing some of its inner secrets.
Is gambling a vice?
Garrett Lisi's exceptionally simple theory of everything.
Rosetta Stone German language learning.
The oppressor uses judgemental attitudes to maintain power over victims and victims comply by having oppressive judgemental attitudes.
Give up smoking the easy way.
The dawn of a new consciousness is beginning in the Middle East and will cascade across Europe and America and the whole world.
Global warming: What can I do about it?
God claims he doesn't exist!
God won't save stupid people!
Good and evil seem to be an insoluble problem but there is a solution to good and evil.
Is a Good God actually the archetypal oppressor?
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Guidelines for Google search engine optimization or SEO.
An analysis of Hosni Mubarak's 1 February 2011 speech to the Egyptian protesters.
HTML: Stop Line Break page shows how to get text in an html document to stay on one line even when it includes a hyphen!
How to underline and line-through the same text on a web page.
I blame the parents.
Here at Toxic Drums we build websites for individuals and small businesses.
What exactly is this Ichthys Fish thing all about?
Many variations on the Jesus Fish exist and here are some sources for the many products like bumper stickers, t-shirts, ties, mugs, hats, stickers, mouse mats, badges, key rings, bags, aprons and fridge magnets available.
Toxic Drums: Web site home page.
ICS: Integrated Children's System. A case management system used by the Children Services in Britain.
Internet Explorer is broken. Microsoft explain it as web pages made for 'older browsers'.
Has Julian Assange started THE internet war with the CABLEGATE release on WikiLeaks?
Is God an abuser?: Examines the double-bind relationship between God and humans.
Jesse Ventura is a notable figure for his role as mayor, governor, author, actor and wrestler.
Julian Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks which is dedicated to revealing the hidden agendas of companies and governments alike.
Julian Assange: World Class Hero. There is no doubt that Julian Assange is on the good side of reality fighting the evident dark side of self interested pathological power freaks.
Kill Julian Assange! It's what God wants (apparently).
Sir Ken Robinson and Adolf Hitler form a weird juxtaposition evoking curious subtle nuances and original thoughts and ideas. As do Osama bin Laden and Joseph Ratzinger the Pope.
Inhumane Swine Cull in Egypt because of fear of N1H1.
Financial and Legal stuff is available from all these places so feel free to take a look around.
Reciprocal links are good for your web site so long as they are not to link farms.
Toxic Drums: List of Affiliate Links.
Searching for funny web sites? Here is a list of funny web sites to save you searching for yourself.
A list of many good charities you may wish to support.
List of Lists on Toxic Drums: To help find stuff on this web site and around the world.
A long list of list of magazines, catalogues and brochures. There must be something that interests you here.
List of magazines and publishers to help keep you up to date with your interests.
List of News Sources on the internet sorted alphabetically.
A random list of News Sources on the internet for your perusal.
List of people on Toxic Drums.
List of TOXIC things: Lists all sorts of things like toxic airlines, toxic pete, toxic childhood and much more.
Dr. Lloyd Kemp Medical Scientist and author of Your Kind of Courage.
Looking after your body is important for a long, happy and successful life.
Maca Root is a superfood and is very good for your health.
People's moral judgements can be changed by a magnetic field! Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can make people think differently.