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Nightmare in Liberation Square
3 February 2011
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On the night of Wednesday 2 February 2011 the pro-democracy or anti-Mubarak protestors were essentially under siege in Tahrir Square (known also as Liberation Square) in Cairo.  Still feeling the euphoria from the successful Million Man March day they were also experiencing a growing nervousness as the "thugs" were attacking them with rocks, knives, horses and petrol bombs.  As the night drew in, the intensity and focus of the attacks increased.  Sometime in the  middle of the night the first gun shots were heard.  For many hours there was sporadic small arms fire and machine gun fire.  There has been much speculation about who the aggressors were but it will become clear retrospectively that they were the Egyptian Security Police in plain clothes and hired thugs and criminals.  Some have apparently admitted that they were offered the equivalent of a thousand dollars each if they could take over the square.  The rock throwing and the petrol bombing came in incessant waves for hour after hour.  Thousands of the protestors were seriously injured and at least 5 were killed during the nights violence.  The adrenalin and fear were intense but it was clear that the more damage the protestors suffered the stronger their resolve.  Quite the opposite of the intended result by the Mubarak regime.  Many protestors have expressed the view that they have lost people for their cause and they have nothing left to go back to so there is no possibility of them giving up.  Mubarak must go or they will die there.

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I have cut a few images from the nights footage on the internet.  This is all gleaned from Al Jazeera who have played a magnificent and important role in providing a window for the world to see the truth of what has been happening in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt.  These images are borrowed without permission for the purpose of promoting the good work of Al Jazeera.  If they object to these examples of their work being displayed just get in touch and I will remove them.

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