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Gear4music is based in York in the UK.  They are an internet based music shop and aim to provide a wide range of the best musical equipment to their UK and European customers.  They are happy for customers to visit their store and to try equipment out but advise checking with them first to make sure they have the item in stock.

They have an impressive range of over 4000 quality music products at, they claim, "extremely competitive prices".  Well doing a bit of checking around and knowing something about drums (it's not entirely a coincidence that this web site is called Toxic Drums) I was impressed by the wide range of prices.  All good competitive prices too.  They do really good starter kits at prices that you have to blink at to believe your eyes and they do amazingly expensive, top of the range kits that I doubt you could find at a better price.  They also suggest that if you do find the same goods at a better price elsewhere you should contact them because they want a chance to do something about it.

They have been in business since 2003 and they have an very large list of customers and a lot of encouraging reviews.  They cover all sorts of equipment including keyboards, woodwind, brass, guitars (both acoustic and electric).  They do studio equipment, electronic drum kits, accessories, computers, music software.  They do tubas, oboes, saxophones, bassoons and bagpipes!  The lists goes on.  They deal with an impressive range of well known manufacturers.  They offer a 14 day return policy with no questions and your money back (this includes standard delivery charges as well).  Overall they seem like a respectable and reliable company.

On the subject of percussion they offer a lot of drums, drumming equipment and accessories.  They are not specialists in esoteric or rare stuff but their coverage of the main stream is good.  For example they supply stuff from all these percussion manufacturers: Remo, Zildjian, Pearl, Sabian, Gear4Music, Yamaha, Mapex, Roland, Skb, Ludwig, Alesis, Angel, Tama, Performance Percussion, Warner Bros, Sonor, Kinsman, Black Panther, Ion, Faber, Arbiter, Pro-Mark and Alfred.

And a nice clean easy web site too. If you think you might find what you are looking for here then click on the adverts to go to the site.

US Flag    Europe    They are UK based but will send items to anywhere in Europe.

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